Research Projects

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Hormones and Social Networks

Collaborators: Douglas Granger (UC Irvine), Gary Hill (ASU), Serena Weren (Loyola University New Orleans)

Funded by Interdisciplinary Seed Grant from Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, ASU; some reagents were donated by Salimetrics LLC (Carlsbad, CA)

The goal is to investigate the bidirectional links between social networks (friendship, conflict, and advice), individual’s psychosocial functioning (stress, loneliness, socio-emotional functioning), hormones (cortisol and testosterone), biomarkers of oxidative stress (salivary uric acid), and one of indices of mucosal immunity (secretory immunoglobulin A). 

We use ASU Marching Band as a model system to explore these research questions.

This study is among the first attempts to describe longitudinal associations between social networks, behaviors, and hormones in humans. We hope to expand contemporary understanding of social context to include social networks and examine they are related to psychoneuroendocrinological functioning.


Project Intersect

Collaborators: Carlos Santos (ASU), Kimberly Updegraff (ASU)

Funded by the Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics, ASU

The goals are to examine how peer networks contribute to ethnic-racial and gender identity development, psychosocial functioning, health, and educational outcomes of ethnically diverse (predominately Latino/a) youth.